About Beth

Beth proudly grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, where she honed her voice singing to the family cows while grooming them for hours on end. Since her early childhood until she left home for college, the barn was her practice space. She also enjoyed singing wildly while riding her horses. Beth won numerous singing contests as a child and adolescent. It was at university where she got very serious about her music career.

Beth spent many years living where her gigs took her: Minneapolis, Nashville, NYC, to name a few. She is a trained ballet and jazz dancer, and has danced in several music videos by artists including Alan Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Lari White and Dallas County Line. Once learning that her mother had become extremely ill with cancer, Beth packed up her things in New York City, and moved back to the Midwest. After helping her mother get through the worst of her cancer treatments, she moved to Chicagoland to start over. She teases her mom that she did not have to be so dramatic in trying to get her to move back to the Midwest; Beth said she only needed to ask! Beth feels exceptionally grateful that her mom and dad are both doing well at this time.

Beth has more interests than time seems to allow. She loves all things animal-related, especially dogs (she volunteers with Fetching Tails Foundation, and is a foster mom for dogs in need of rehabilitation and adoption), psychology (she is a Licensed Professional Counselor), gardening, philosophy, yoga, dancing, reading, nature, and spending as much time as possible with Mozart Johann and Obi (The Obemizer), her Chihuahuas.